FC Bayern Munich – Interview with Serge Gnabry: “We footballers are often misunderstood”

Only won one title and scored 13 fewer goals than in the triple year: Serge Gnabry’s third season at Bayern was not particularly satisfactory. In an interview with SPOX and goal the 25-year-old attacker draws a self-critical conclusion, talks about the reunion with Julian Nagelsmann and protects David Alaba, who is labeled as greedy by some fans and who will leave Munich at the end of the season.

In addition to other issues relating to FCB, Gnabry will also comment on the goal with the German national team, national coach Joachim Löw at the upcoming European Championship “a perfect match before the last Bundesliga match in 2020/21 against FC Augsburg (Saturday, 3:30 p.m. in LIVETICKER) Farewell “to prepare. Gnabry also reveals that he could have played for his second home, Ivory Coast, and which two superstars tied him up in his childhood.

Mr Gnabry, the season with FC Bayern is drawing to a close. What is your conclusion?

Serge Gnabry: After all our successes last season, I would have wished for more than one title again, because I always want to achieve as much as possible. The second round in the cup against Kiel was particularly annoying, that simply shouldn’t have happened to us. The even bigger disappointment was the end in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against PSG. The guys gave everything and played well. It’s bitter that we left.

What rating would you give the season?

FC Bayern – Gnabry: “I’m not happy with me”

You have ten goals in your account across all competitions – 13 fewer than last season. How do you rate your personal performance?

Gnabry: I am not happy with myself. My goal was to improve my goal and assist rate. I couldn’t do that. Unfortunately there were too many games in which I missed very good chances. I have to work on that.

On the other hand, you were less prone to injury than in the previous season.

Gnabry: Yes, I hardly had any injuries, I only had to sit out once because of Corona. That’s definitely something positive to take away from this season.

What has to happen in order for you to be satisfied with yourself?

Gnabry: That too is a matter of getting used to. We players have to adapt to every situation. It’s less emotional and noisy without fans, that’s true. But in the end we still have to do our job and win. It is also clear that we all prefer to play with fans in the stadium.

Always work – was that also possible in the course of the dispute between coach Hansi Flick and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic?

FC Bayern – Gnabry: “Nagelsmann makes his players better”

Flick is the coach with whom you and the team have achieved everything in one season.

Gnabry: We are all deeply grateful to him. What he made of us and how he led us to these titles was great. But people go, people come – that’s part of the football business. Hansi did an excellent job. Hopefully I can work with him again soon.

Maybe at the DFB.

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