FC Bayern Munich: Hansi Flick press conference before duel with VfL Wolfsburg in LIVETICKER

Is Hansi Flick committed to FC Bayern? Or is he still not giving any clear information about his future? Before the Bundesliga duel with VfL Wolfsburg (Saturday, 3:30 p.m. in LIVETICKER), the record champions’ coach will answer questions from the media. You can follow the press conference scheduled for 12 noon here in the live ticker.

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Flick answered all of the questions.

“It’s her job. I feel this passion in every player. That’s why we have signed her. Every player is motivated and grateful to the end that he is allowed to play for Bayern. I have no concerns about anyone. They will try to to become German champions with us. “

“I don’t know if it is good to look at the competition. We have a difficult task and we have to solve it.”

FC Bayern – PK with Flick in the live ticker

“It doesn’t go away that quickly, you don’t sleep so well. That’s normal and you can see it from me. But it goes on and we have a big task ahead of us, three very difficult and important games for our goal of the season . The championship is the basis for being able to play in the Champions League and to have international success. We have to see it positively now. It’s fun to compete with the best and Wolfsburg is one of the best. You have an outstanding coach and a team that is right up there. They always put the opponent under pressure, have good standards and hit a lot of crosses. Wout Weghorst dominates the airspace like a charm.

“I prefer harmony, but you also have to accept conflicts. If things go harmoniously, the chance of success is certainly more promising. Those are also my values.”

“Everyone at the club knows how important this week is. We have no pressure. I had a short talk with Oli Kahn, but it was about other things like the end in Paris.”

“If you have more than 300 standards, you expect a little more than seven goals. We haven’t been able to practice such things too often. Only once. It’s always a balancing act: What are you doing? We had to regenerate a lot, of course. Of course, I’m not enthusiastic about the statistics. We can and must improve on that. “

“Not only the game against Wolfsburg, the whole week will be important for us. Absolute focus on Wolfsburg, but then also on the other games. After that there will be enough time to take a deep breath.”

After FC Bayern’s outage in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain, only Munich can win the championship this season. Flick subordinates everything to this goal. Therefore, a statement from the 56-year-old is not to be expected for the time being – even if greats like Franz Beckenbauer would like it that way.

Hello and welcome. Hansi Flick speaks to the press today at 12 noon.

FC Bayern – PK mit Flick today LIVE in the livestream

You can attend the press conference free of charge Livestream of FC Bayern. The FCB makes this available on its homepage, after which the press talk is also available there in re-live.

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