FC Bayern: Julian Nagelsmann on the departure of Hermann Gerland: “Has nothing to do with me”

The future coach of FC Bayern Julian Nagelsmann has a clear career plan that does not include an infinitely long coaching career. He also sees clear goals for his new club and makes his first statement about saying goodbye to Hermann Gerland.

Nagelsmann (33) joined in Sports picture the questions of readers of the magazine and gave insights into his work as well as his plans for the near and distant future. As for his general goals in Munich, he made it clear: “The expectations at Bayern are always clear anyway. You should become champions, win the cup, and you should also go far in the Champions League. This is the challenge I face. “

However, the job at the record champions is only part of his career planning for him. Nagelsmann have “a certain life plan and therefore do not assume that I will do the job for another 20 or 30 years.” However, Nagelsmann admitted: “I know that I have an absolute dream job and I am grateful for this privilege every day. At the same time, I rarely had time in my life for things that I like to do besides football. Only through my career as a young player, then through my job as a coach. “

But even after his coaching career he will remain active, because “I can’t do nothing, I will definitely work, but maybe in another area and train a regional league or youth team on the side.”

When asked about the farewell to club icon Hermann Gerland, Nagelsmann made it clear that that was not his decision: “The fact that Hermann does not want to stay has nothing to do with me. That was sometimes completely misinterpreted. I told the club, that I would like to bring two assistant coaches and an analyst with me. But I have never said that I have no space for this or that employee or that someone is not wanted. “

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann has a “very good relationship” with Gerland

As far as the aforementioned assistant coach list is concerned, Nagelsmann kept a low profile, as none of his candidates are currently without a contract. However, it is already clear: “It is well known that I am bringing chief analyst Benjamin Glück with me from Leipzig.”

Nagelsmann’s main task is meanwhile “to get the balance between a stable defense and this incredible offensive. I want us to be variably positioned so that the opponents don’t calculate us and we can react to every game situation. This also includes the basic order in the Play to switch “.

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