FC Bayern II vs. Hallescher FC: 3rd league NOW in the live ticker – 0: 1

FC Bayern II has to win against Halle on the last matchday of the 3rd division today in order to preserve the chance of staying up. Here at SPOX you can follow the game in the live ticker.

FC Bayern II is facing relegation in the 3rd division. Can the little Bavarians still secure relegation with a win against Halleschen FC? You won’t miss a game scene in our live ticker.

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Half-time conclusion: At halftime, Hallesche FC leads 1-0 at Bayern Munich II! The Bayern amateurs would have been relegated now. Che brought his team behind after he made a big buck against Manu in the first minute, who put the Halle in the front. Afterwards, the guests remained the more dangerous team after counterattacks, while Bayern created little danger offensively. Shortly before the break whistle, Feldhahn had the equalizer on his forehead, but failed from a few meters with his head to Schreiber! In the second half Bayern have to come offensively if they want to keep their minimal chance of relegation. See you soon!

45 .: End of 1st half

FC Bayern II vs. Hallescher FC: 3rd league NOW in the live ticker – 0: 1

45 .: Official injury time (minutes): 2

45 .: That must be the balance! Welzmüller hits a corner from the left five meters in front of the goal on the second post, where Feldhahn is allowed to behead completely free! Schreiber sensationally parries the header from a few meters and fends off the ball forward!

45 .: Obviously Derstroff has a fly or something in his eye. The number seven needs to be dealt with and short of the field. But apparently it continues.

44 .: Che finds Motika with a wonderful opening ball on the left of the box. The winger takes the ball well, but then sticks to Vollert with his pass towards the Rhine.

42 .: There is really very little going on in the Grünwalder Stadium now. After Manu’s early goal, the game flattened out extremely.

35 .: Feldhahn actually licks the ball from Boyd in accordance with the rules at the level of the center line. But Boyd stays lying and benefits from the fact that Bayern play the ball out of the way according to fair play ideas.

33 .: Boyd is looking for the nimble Manu again with a through pass in the direction of the penalty area. In the running duel with the goal scorer, Vita is ahead of the game and cooks the man from Halle confidently.

TOOOR! FC Bayern II vs. Hallescher FC: 3rd league NOW in the live ticker – 0: 1

29 .: Welzmüller meets Boyd in an aerial duel in midfield with his hand on the head. The whistle from referee Jöllenbeck remains silent, which angered the striker.

27 .: Boeder has his hands full against Motika on his right side of defense. The youngster duped the full-back more often and is now getting a corner out of his team again. However, this does not bring anything again, because the Halle residents maintain the sovereignty of the air.

26 .: The Schwarz-Elf constricts the Halle residents for a long time, but does not yet find the gap for the final pass.

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