FC Bayern – Flick vs. Brazzo, van Gaal’s “show of strength” against Hoeneß, Ancelotti’s loss of face: the FCB tradition of coach-boss conflicts

The relationship between Flick and Salihamidzic is said to be bad. The past shows: Conflicts between coaches and bosses have a long tradition at FCB. It was almost always about power over player transfers.

At Bayern there is a simmer between coach Hansi Flick and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic.

There are repeated reports of differences of opinion regarding transfers and personnel decisions Bild newspaper added on Wednesday, wrote of a “loud noise” between the two strong men.

Not a novelty on Säbener Strasse – in the past ten years alone, there have been regular disputes, even disagreements, between coaches and bosses over transfers and personnel decisions.

History shows: As a Bayern coach you often get the short straw when it comes to transfer requests, and Flick’s hoped-for “veto right” for trainers does not exist. SPOX and goal illustrate this with four examples.

2011: “Show of strength” is Louis van Gaal’s undoing

And what was the starting point for “all that shit”? Before the second half of the 2010/11 season, the polarizing tulip general had relegated Hans-Jörg Butt to number two for no apparent reason and promoted Thomas Kraft, who had been largely unknown until then, to the position of regular keeper.

Contrary to an agreement, as it turned out in retrospect: Since Manuel Neuer had already been brought to a dry sheet in winter, Butt, who had a solid playing time, was supposed to guard the Munich goal until the arrival of the new number one in the summer.

But unlike his bosses, van Gaal did not see Neuer as the savior. He had identified Kraft as a regular goalkeeper for the following years. In this regard, he received support from his own fans, who demonstrated against a new commitment by means of posters. “Koan Neuer” and “Neuer im Tor is to us like coach Daum and manager Lemke is to you,” reads. The latter with the reference to Hoeneß’s long-standing archenemy.

From Hoeneß’s point of view, this would never have happened if van Gaal had simply fulfilled the requirements and hadn’t sawed off Butt. “The topic of Neuer would not have rocked. Louis van Gaal should think about that,” Hoeneß scolded.

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