FC Bayern: Celta Vigos Joseph Aidoo assumes transfer to FCB

The Ghanaian central defender Joseph Aidoo from Celta Vigo expects a move to the Bundesliga record champions FC Bayern Munich in the future.

“I see Samuel Kuffour as my mentor because I think I’ll play for Bayern Munich in the future and he was there too,” said the 25-year-old JoySports and added: “That’s why I always admired him. This is the club that captured my heart when I was little.”

Aidoo has been playing for the Spanish first division club since 2019, when the transfer fee of eight million euros went to KRC Genk from Belgium. Aidoo’s contract with the Galicians runs until 2024.

The eight-time national player has 21 competitive appearances in the current season. Celta Vigo played seven times to zero. In seven other games, however, he had to sit on the bench and was not used at all.

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