FC Bayern beckons fifth star at the next German championship title

If they win the German championship again, FC Bayern Munich will be rewarded with a fifth star above the club’s logo.

“We want to give everything and become champions as soon as possible,” said coach Hansi Flick unmistakably on Friday and also brought an extra motivation into play: Bayern have a fifth championship star for the 30th championship. “I heard that we could get the fifth star with the title. That would be a nice thing. We want to do our part,” said Flick.

The DFL introduced the championship stars for the 2004/05 season. Since then, first and second division teams who have won a German championship there since the Bundesliga was founded in 1963 have been allowed to wear this badge of honor. Bayern (so far 30 championships, 29 of them in the Bundesliga) are currently the only club that is allowed to wear four stars.

The German record champions are currently five points ahead of their first rival, RB Leipzig. There are still six game days to complete.

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