FC Bayern: Alexander Nübel continues to strive for loan business – contesting the contract as an option

The Personnel Alexander Nübel continues to occupy the FC Bayern. The player is looking for a loan, but the club does not want to hear about it.

How Sports picture reports, Nübels contract is even said to contain a written operational guarantee. And the Nübel side even sees the theoretical possibility of contesting the contract that is valid until 2025. However, this does not seem to be a serious option, as neither the keeper himself nor his advisor Stefan Backs want to mess with Bayern. The chance of one day succeeding Manuel Neuer is too great.

However, the desire for a loan deal still exists, which Backs had already confirmed several times.

With this, however, Nübel falls on deaf ears with those responsible for the record champions. “In Alexander Nübel we got one of the greatest talented goalkeepers in Europe. We need excellent goalkeepers”, the future boss Oliver Kahn had recently announced and added: “Even with Alexander we are not thinking about giving him up at the moment.”

According to Sports picture This is also related to the fact that a temporary departure from Nübel would lead to further investments in another replacement keeper, which is unreasonable in view of the current austerity course in Corona times.

FC Bayern: Manuel Neuer annoyed by the Nübel situation

The decisive question is therefore how the new coach Julian Nagelsmann is planning. But even here the tendency is more towards leaving new ones in the gate, so as not to damage the relationship with the captain from the start.

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