FC Barcelona women: well thought out, managed and played

If there is a professional section of reference in Barcelona, ​​a sports club par excellence, that is right now that of women’s football. Unlike the others (basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal) it is not only competitive, dominating the League and aspiring to win the Champions League, but it is also self-sufficient, that is, not deficient due to the contribution of sponsor Stanley. His budget is about four million euros, approximately half of that of Chelsea, which will be precisely his opponent in the Champions League final.

The section is well managed and the team is admirable for its good play, dynamic and unbalancing, more virtuous than physical, as was seen against Paris Saint Germain. A merit attributable above all to Markel Zubizarreta, Andoni’s son, who acts as sports director and therefore responsible for the formation of a squad that has great individuals and extraordinary team players led by Lluís Cortés. They play very well and the team has a personality and football identity, a significant detail in a club that sometimes seems capable of dying from a style attack.

His speech, on the other hand, is transparent and ambitious, never self-conscious or overbearing, far from any revenge at a time when everyone is approaching the section for its success in Europe. It is not an imposed group that responds to a quota or an advertising interest, but has been built with patience, dedication and professionalism since 2015. The quality leap that took place then was crucial to crown the work of pioneers like Xavi Llorens when the The women’s team was practically a sneak in the Barça facilities. Now they honor the Johan Cruyff stadium and will one day play at the Camp Nou.

Do not force things with advertising images; it is about being respectful with their curriculum and convening power: they know that the best way to gather the fans is by winning the League and the Champions League. It is up to the Laporta board of directors to take good care of the patrimony left by the Bartomeu board, unfortunate in many things and instead decisive in the commitment to women’s football. It is enough to remember the dedication of Maria Teixidor and Jordi Mestre. Barça already played the Champions League final against Lyon two years ago and lost 4-1.

The next final is announced very differently because the Barça team has matured, following the natural process of growth, and therefore it is backed by experience and a job well done; He even dares to predict: “We are going to Goteborg to win.” Contrary to what happened with the men’s European Cup, Barça was much more visionary and courageous than Madrid when it came to sizing the women’s Champions League and now it is their turn to show off much earlier than planned: the 2015 plan envisaged play the first continental final in 2021. The one on the 16th will be the second.

Whatever the result, no one will be able to say that the women’s Barça is a team made to measure for the times. It is not a showcase policy, but players, coaches and managers who believed in the project from day one, made it their own, when football still smelled like underwear.

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