FC Barcelona: Why saying goodbye to Lionel Messi after the Agüero transfer is “impossible”

In Sergio Agüero, Lionel Messi is now getting a team-mate at FC Barcelona that he would have liked to have had last season – a real friend. A contract extension of the superstar is therefore more and more likely. But can the aging city icon also help the Catalans and Messi in terms of sport?

When Sergio Agüero talks about his first meeting with Lionel Messi, one feels reminded of Harry Potter. Or to be more precise, to the places in the world-famous books where the jaws of everyone present in the room drop because they have just realized that they are suddenly very close to the chosen one. The child prodigy who, at a young age, created a myth that everyone has heard of.

Aguero would probably step out of line at Harry Potter. Because the later world-class striker, born in 1988, did not recognize the chosen one when they first met. Messi, born in 1987, was at the training camp with Argentina’s U17 national team, Agüero with the U16. But they were both so good that they were preparing for the upcoming South American Junior Championship at the same time as the U20s.

“We were all together, several years ago”, Agüero recalled a few years ago in an interview with Sky Sports. “We sat at a table at lunch: Garay (Ezequiel, the ed.), Formica (Mauro, the ed.), Leo and me. Leo sat across from me and Garay asked him where he got his sneakers. Leo replied that he got it from the US I was wondering, ‘Does he play in the US?’ So I asked him quietly, ‘What’s your name again?’ He replied: ‘Leo, Lionel.’ I asked again: ‘No, your real name?’ He said ‘Lionel’ again and laughed. I checked again: ‘No, your last name?’. ‘Messi’. “

Agüero had heard the name before and he also knew about a boy from Barcelona who was to become the future superstar of world football. But he still didn’t really click. “The other two (Garay and Formica, d. Ed.) Looked at me and asked, ‘You don’t know who that is?’ They all laughed and then it came to me: ‘So you are that boy!’ “

Sergio Agüero to Lionel Messi: “So you are that boy!”

Because after ten years at Manchester City, Agüero is moving to FC Barcelona on a free transfer and will sign a contract until 2023, as the Catalans officially announced on Monday. A move that will please Barca’s fans not only from a sporting point of view. They are probably even more happy that Messi’s future is now clear, according to information from SPOX and goal he will sign a new working paper in the near future.

“Definitely,” says Adria Soldevila, Barcelona correspondent goal , The Blaugrana leaders around the new, old President Joan Laporta are doing everything they can to sign Aguero to persuade Messi to stay. The 33-year-old actually wanted to leave Barca last summer, but decided to stay.

With his contract expiring at the end of June, however, it was uncertain for the entire season whether Messi would stay with the club to which he moved from his home country in 2000 at the age of 13. Or whether he is finally looking for a new challenge.

After Agüero’s transfer, there are no longer any doubts that Messi will extend his working paper at Camp Nou. The two attacking players are best friends, Messi is the godfather of Agüero’s first son Benjamin. “Aguero and Messi speak to each other every day,” said Barca correspondent Soldevila, emphasizing: “It is impossible for Messi to leave now after telling Kun to come to Barcelona.”

We already know that it is very important to Messi to have very close confidants among his team-mates. He had such a bond with Neymar, but especially with Luis Suarez. Barcelona’s dealings with the latter, whom the club announced last year that they no longer had any use for him and then sold him to Atletico Madrid, was probably one of the reasons that Messi wanted to turn his back on his beloved club.

In his few appearances for City in the past season, Agüero has proven that he has not lost his nose for goals and his enormous quality in the final. In the 2019/20 season, when he did not have to sit out injured quite as often, he did so anyway with 23 goals in 32 competitive appearances.

In addition, Agüero is a similar type of player to Suarez. No frills in front of the goal, physically robust, but still flexible, good first contact and therefore also a good passing game, especially with the back to the goal. And just like Suarez, Agüero also has this innate sense of the right paths around the penalty area, plus a great shrewdness in a duel.

Can Agüero still help Barca in terms of sport?

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