FC Barcelona – “The best player in history”: Joan Laporta is actively promoting Lionel Messi

Joan Laporta has again campaigned for Lionel Messi to stay. The new president of FC Barcelona made this clear in his inaugural address.

“I will try to convince Leo Messi to stay,” said Laporta at the Camp Nou. Messi is “the best player in football history”.

The Argentine’s contract expires at the end of the season. A departure from Messi is likely, in particular Paris Saint-Germain is associated with the transfer, but Manchester City should also have good cards for a commitment.

Barca coach Ronald Koeman was also praised by Laporta. He hoped the team’s recent journey could continue, said the president, who announced: “Ronald, we trust you!”

The high mountain of debt, which had recently amounted to well over a billion euros, should be tackled in a hurry, demanded Laporta on top of that. “That is a priority. We will try to develop new sources of income and make the right decisions,” said Laporta, who was hopeful: “If the fans can return to Camp Nou, the pre-Covid income will also return. “

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