FC Barcelona: Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero faces a free transfer to Barca

Sergio Agüero stands according to information from ESPN immediately before a move to FC Barcelona. The Manchester City striker is available for a free transfer this summer.

According to ESPN Barca offer the soon-to-be-33-year-old Argentine a two-year deal. In addition, Agüero should forego salary for the change. According to Sportrac After all, Agüero receives the team’s third highest salary in Manchester (13.8 million euros per year) – after Kevin De Bruyne (21 million euros) and Raheem Sterling (18 million euros).

The change is apparently to be announced after the Champions League final (May 29) against Chelsea.

In addition to Agüero, central defender Eric Garcia is apparently also coming to FC Barcelona. His contract also expires in the summer. It is an open secret that the 20-year-old international, who played at Barca’s La Masia youth academy until he was 16, wants to return. Even Pep Guardiola spoke publicly about the move: “He will join an incredible team.”

Barca are also said to continue to hope for a transfer from Memphis Depay despite the possible arrival of Aguero. The 27-year-old Dutchman’s contract with Olympique Lyon also expires in the summer.

FC Barcelona will probably also get Eric Garcia

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