FC Augsburg President Klaus Hofmann criticizes professional football: “Unspeakable chatter of solidarity”

Klaus Hofmann, President and CEO of FC Augsburg, has sharply criticized the behavior of professional football in the corona crisis. “Nothing is left of this unspeakable chatter about solidarity in 2020,” Hofmann said in an interview with the Augsburger Allgemeine.

It is “revealing that two weeks after the restrictions imposed by Corona in April 2020 some clubs had to apply for state aid,” said the 53-year-old: “This leads to a certain distortion of competition that is actually unacceptable.”

According to Hofmann, the fact that the FCA did not accept the offer of state support is due to the club’s economic successes in the past.

“Since we got on board in 2014, we’ve made a profit every year. The corona meltdown process has therefore started from a higher level for us.”

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