Fans see the failure of the Super League only as a partial success: “We shouldn’t be blinded”

The cracking failure of the Super League is far from being seen as an unqualified victory in the fan scene. “For us it is a success, but on the other hand not because we criticize a lot more. The reform of the UEFA club competitions was decided in the background anyway,” said Helen Breit, chairwoman of the fan alliance “Our Curve”, on Wednesday SID: “You shouldn’t be blinded to the fact that this Champions League reform is an achievement.”

Sig Zelt, spokesman for the fan and ultra group alliance ProFans, sees the withdrawal of the six top English clubs and the provisional end of the Super League plans only a partial success. “It wasn’t just about averting the Super League. It’s also about turning around on this path,” he told the SID. The reform of the Champions League is “evidence of the tendency that leads to an ever greater financial differentiation between the large and somewhat weaker clubs”.

The highly controversial reform of the Champions League from 2024/25 was decided by the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA) on Monday. This provides for an increase in the number of participants from 32 to 36 teams and an inflation of the game plan. The introduction of two starting places based on a five-year coefficient for teams that did not qualify for the Champions League caused massive criticism. The reform had also been worked out due to the threat of the Super League.

“This is exactly where we have to put our fingers in the wound, the current protests and resistance must drag on,” said Breit and demanded: “From our point of view, the reform of the European Cup competitions must be completely withdrawn.”

After the fierce criticism of numerous clubs and associations, including UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin and FIFA boss Gianni Infantino, of the self-contained Super League, it would be logical, according to Breit, to now “implement a fundamental reform in the interests of sport instead of the interests of individuals to work out profit maximization. “

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