FanQ study: Racism in football has increased

The issue of racism is omnipresent in both professional and amateur football. That is the result of a representative FanQ study on behalf of Sports Information Service (SID). 40.4 percent of those surveyed in 2014 are of the opinion that racism in football has increased in recent years.

81.2 percent think it is appropriate for players to be allowed to leave the field on their own responsibility in the event of intolerable incidents. An overwhelming majority (76.5 percent) of those surveyed indicated that German national players should publicly become more involved in the fight against racism. According to FanQ, the fans want clear commitments from their national players and not just PR campaigns.

Inadequate work is attributed to associations in particular. Because 52.2 percent said that UEFA, FIFA & Co. make the worst use of their influence in the fight against racism. The respondents gave the fans with 33.3 percent and the players with 31.1 percent the greatest influence in the fight against racism.

The question of whether clubs should be obliged to spend part of their budget on working against racism met with a mixed response from supporters, but the commitment should be increased further.

In amateur football, 27 percent have even taken note of a racist incident. In professional football, the figure is significantly higher at 41.4 percent. According to FanQ, the reason given is anonymity in the crowds.

FanQ: Many have contact with racism

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