Fan association criticizes Super League plans: “The last nail in the coffin”

The European fan association “Football Supporters Europe” (FSE) has sharply criticized the plans to create a European Super League. “This closed competition will be the final nail in the coffin of European football and destroy everything that made it so popular and successful: rewarding sporting achievements, promotion and relegation, qualifying for UEFA competitions through national success and financial solidarity,” shared the FSE on Sunday.

It had previously become known that a group of the richest and most influential clubs should have agreed to found their own external elite competition.

“These plans are fundamentally illegitimate, irresponsible and against any competition. What is more, they are driven solely out of greed,” the statement said.

Allegedly, twelve clubs are said to have already signed a corresponding letter of intent. The renegades include numerous top English clubs such as Liverpool FC or Manchester United, the Spanish top teams Real Madrid and FC Barcelona and from Italy Juventus Turin and AC Milan. German teams like Bayern Munich as well as the French Primus Paris St. Germain should not be involved.

“The only ones who benefit from this are hedge funds, oligarchs and a handful of already wealthy clubs, many of whom are doing poorly in their domestic leagues despite the competitive advantage they already have. Enough is enough,” said the FSE, which is sanctioned by the associations called for breakaway clubs and the withdrawal of UEFA club competition reform.

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