Examination of the future of Koeman in the final of the Copa del Rey: ratification or doubts

Ronald Koeman, FC Barcelona coach

Ronald Koeman has achieved a certain stability of results and game in the Barcelona. He mostly has on his side the support of the fans and the players, but the truth is that he faces a few weeks in which he plays a lot.

Barça is going through a period of transition, from the disastrous final period of Bartomeu until he settles the project Joan Laporta. Although the president has no initial intention of shutting out Koeman, a new failure can put him on the wing.

Koeman’s Barça has not won any title, to this day, and at key moments it has failed. He lost the Spanish Super Cup with Athletic himself, it was eliminated by PSG from the Champions League Y lost the Classic with Real Madrid. This reality is the main argument of the critics with the Dutch. The ‘run-run’ has been flying over the Camp Nou for some time and the name of Xavi Hernandez It’s on the table.

This Saturday you have a chance to blow away those clouds … or have the storm looming even more overhead. The Dutch coach was optimistic for the game on Saturday, the final of the Copa del Reyboth about your options and about your future.

“It is important for the club. The situation of being able to win an important title this season is beautiful. We must remember that in January when we played the final of the Super Cup the situation was worse. We have improved many things. We had a history of 19 games without losing. We lost an important one last week, but I never think that winning or losing depends on my future. The most important thing is to put energy in the team, to prepare it in the best possible way to win the title, “he said at the press conference.

However, Koeman is aware (because he has already lived it) that not winning can put him in a complicated position and criticism will get worse.

“We have had a 19-game streak and I have to answer questions about my future. I have to accept it, but I do not agree. You have to do your job. I have one more year of contract. I know before the game what will happen if we win and what will happen if we don’t win. It’s strange, but it’s my job, you have to deal with this pressure and I accept it. I know how to handle it, “he defended himself.

Even losing, you will still have the argument that they are alive in the league. For this you can not lose the game against him Atlético de Madrid, which will be disputed on May 8. If you do not stumble more this month and continue to compete for the title, that will be the real touchstone that decides your fate. If not, you can go packing.

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