Euro 2020: Prosecuted for violence, Ryan Giggs dismissed by the selection of Wales

Ryan giggs
Ryan Giggs will not lead the Welsh Euro selection after the announcement of prosecution for acts of violence against two women.

Ryan Giggs will not see Euro 2020! The dismissal of the Wales coach was confirmed this Friday, April 23 after the announcement of legal proceedings for violence against two women, last November.

Police intervened at the former midfielder’s home on November 1 after an altercation with his former partner and sister. Kate Greville, 36, then had to be treated for “minor injuries“. Giggs will appear before magistrates’ court in Manchester and Salford on April 28. He is notably being prosecuted for”assault resulting in bodily harm“.

I have complete respect for the legal process and understand the seriousness of the charges. I will plead not guilty and I plan to wash my nameRyan Giggs said in a statement. The Welsh Federation has confirmed his absence from Euro 2020 and will meet for “discuss these developments and their impact on the federation and the national teamRobert Page, in charge of Wales since the start of the procedure in November, will therefore continue his mission this summer.

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