Erling Haaland from BVB after clapping with Norway in the criticism

After the 0: 3 clap of the Norwegian national team in the World Cup qualification against Turkey on Saturday, criticism rained for the kickers from Scandinavia. Especially Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund got caught in the crossfire.

“It’s disappointing. He doesn’t play with the same self-confidence that we’re used to from him. In Dortmund he hits himself in the face with bad passports. Here it was just surrender. I’m not saying he’s disinterested, but he’s beaming out, “said the former Norwegian professional Bernt Hulsker Voetbal International.

Norway’s former captain and current TV expert John Arne Riise gave a similar assessment of Haaland’s performance, which ended after a meager 83 minutes, when he was substituted: “He has received so much praise for getting emotional at Dortmund when things don’t go well. But here you see nothing of it. “

Haaland, who has scored 33 goals in 31 games for BVB this season, has at least received support from his team-mate Martin Ödegaard. “The point is that we use him better. We have to play better football and create more opportunities for him,” said the Arsenal professional.

For the Norwegians it was the first defeat in the second qualifying game after the 3-0 win in Gibraltar. The local media called the team’s performance against Turkey “a disaster”, boys versus men “or” awful to watch “.

Norway’s performance “a disaster”

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