Emilio Butragueño’s father dies at 96

Emilio Butragueño, ex-footballer

Emilio Butragueño Benavente, father of the ex-fubolista and current Director of Institutional Relations of the Real Madrid, has died at the age of 96 at the Montepríncipe Hospital in Madrid.

Owner of a perfume store In the center of the capital, from a very young age he taught the ‘Vulture’ the importance of elegance and good style, something that he later extrapolated to the world of football. The player himself once stood behind the counter. “My father taught me to respect the customer”, he recalled recently in an interview.

But above all, Emilio Butragueño Sr. was responsible for instilling in his son the ‘gen’ madridista. From a very young age he made him a partner (practically at birth) and thanks to his contacts he tried to put him in the quarry. He himself was one of the oldest members of the club, the number 75, since it was assigned in 1943.

Thanks to his contacts, despite the fact that Emilio Jr. came to be a part of the Athletic, ended up getting a test done in the old Sports City. The father of Juan Gomez ‘Juanito’, from which he inherited the ‘7’, was also involved in that operation. Although his son was already a football legend, he never left his perfume shop.

Butragueño did not attend the game between Real Madrid and Getafe this Sunday because he was awaiting the fatal resolution, since his father’s health was very delicate.

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