Eleven MEPs ask Real Madrid not to accept a millionaire sponsorship from Saudi Arabia for the women’s team

Kosovare Asllani, at Real Madrid - Valencia

The Real Madrid is one of the most important brands in the world. Having the white club as a member implies exponentially multiplying the media exposure of any company, entity, government or campaign and that is what you want to use Saudi Arabia.

The regime has been promoting a “image cleaning”, as denounced by various international organizations for the defense of human rights, through sports. Organize the Spanish or Italian Super Cups, the Dakar rally or host a Formula 1 Grand Prix are just a few examples of how large competitive events serve as a loudspeaker.

One of the latest initiatives is for the female Real Madrid to wear the name of Qiddiyah, the mega-city of entertainment that they are building next to the capital, Riyadh. The government of the monarch Salman bin Abdulaziz is willing apgrab 150 million to the white club for sponsoring the women’s section, something that is still ironic given that in the country women do not enjoy total freedom and their rights are not fully guaranteed.

This situation has reached the very European Parliament. Eleven MEPs have sent a letter to Real Madrid to ask that they not accept that money, which will be used in that image cleaning operation that they denounce. “It is important to alert the clubs and make them aware of their responsibility when choosing their sponsors and employees,” said the Danish MEP. Karen melchior to RTL.

“Politicians like me can give our opinion, but we do not have the power to decide,” he warns, and recalls that, if he accepts, Real Madrid would be “participating in a publicity stunt for the oppression of Saudi women.”

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