Elche survives in its battle with Eibar

Kike García heads off against Gonzalo Verdú's opposition during Elche-Eibar.

Elche and Eibar did not play a soccer match at the Martínez Valero, but they participated in a survival course, and not the kind carried out by a group of boy scouts in the parish hall, but rather that of a score of desperate passengers on the deck of the Titanic. They only needed to jump onto the grass with phosphor bibs and a protective helmet. They were there to survive in LaLiga.

If until half an hour into the game that need was overlapped by the apparent good form of the two teams, after Dani Calvo scored a header, in a rehearsed corner play, both Elche and Eibar openly used to find their lives to stay alive another week, some in one way and others in another.

Fran Escribá had already made it crystal clear from the beginning. He was returning to his bench, which was not Almirón’s, because the Argentine coach had exchanged him for the one the visiting team always occupied at Martínez Valero. He banished all of a sudden the defensive whims, the complicated exit of the ball from behind, which had given Elche a lot of trouble, and opted for the practical. He surrendered to the territorial domain of Eibar, covering the bands well, especially Bryan Gil, and almost completely forgetting the attack. It was a question of looking for a favorable occasion. He arrived after half an hour, with a goal from Dani Calvo, ostracized with Almirón and who under Escribá’s orders took a step forward.

Eibar was stunned by the effective appearance of Elche and tried to react immediately, while the match turned into a guerrilla war, between interruptions, fouls and other ways of letting the winning team’s time pass, in the face of rainfall, imbalances and the rest of the mistakes that usually condemn those who lose. For many minutes, Elche considered the ball a foreign element to the game. Her footballers did not want to know anything about her, they repudiated her and quickly gave her to Eibar, who when he reached the edge of the local area lost his sense of smell for goal.

However, after the first quarter of an hour of the second half, Elche decided that football boots are used for more than just kicking the ball. In addition, the franjiverdes realized that running through the spaces that Eibar’s determination was leaving behind it was not so difficult to reach Dmitrovic’s goal. For a few minutes, they replicated the gun skirmishes with vertical runs. Raúl Guti and Barragán lacked finesse in their shots to widen the gap. Also to Muto, who came out in the second part to find the area. The Japanese put his foot to a good send from Pozo, but the ball went wide. It was the best gunsmith opportunity.

Elche looser, it was difficult for Eibar to reach the Badía area, which barely intervened. Desperate the players of Mendilibar, they rushed to undertake the attack actions. Nothing came out. They return home frustrated; Elche breathes with the three points.

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