El Mirandés suffers the largest coronavirus outbreak this season in First and Second

The biggest coronavirus outbreak within a First or Second team this season has CD Mirandés in check. The club communicated last Thursday six positives between staff and coaching staff and the Federation’s Competition Committee, at the request of LaLiga, suspended the match scheduled for last Saturday against Rayo Vallecano. The match between Burgos and Madrid seems to be under a curse, since in the first round it also had to be postponed because of the storm Filomena. The outbreak in which more cases had occurred within a team so far was at Sporting de Gijón, at the beginning of the year, after the Christmas holidays. The Asturian club reported 10 positives, but more than 150 people were involved due to having contact with those infected.

The Mirandés training sessions were canceled and the players have remained at their homes since then. This Monday, the number of infected has risen to 13, all of them asymptomatic. A few hours after the increase in cases was known, Competition also decided to suspend the match they were supposed to play this Wednesday against Tenerife. As confirmed by the club, the players have not trained since Tuesday and the facilities will remain closed until the situation improves. “The first thing is the safety of the players, the games will be played when possible,” they admit.

The suspension of this second match could put Mirandés on the ropes, since the protocol of the Competition Committee establishes that Second Division teams can request the postponement of two games due to covid-19 cases throughout the season, but the third will be counted as lost. This Sunday they face Sporting de Gijón, a match they hope to play if the situation improves in these six days.

But the same protocol has the solution to this problem. In the event that the match against Sporting is suspended, it will not count as a defeat since it was LaLiga who presented the postponement request and not Mirandés. The protocol establishes that it will be considered lost if the club is responsible, so when it has the support of the employer, the Committee assumes that it is not. “There may be a legal problem when interpreting the protocol because it is somewhat ambiguous in this regard,” they warn from Competition. “As LaLiga is the one who presents the petition, it is understood that the club is not responsible for this situation, so it would not tell them.”

Granada fans shouted in the sky last Friday when they learned of the suspension of the match between Mirandés and Rayo. The Nasrids still remember the match they had to play against Real Sociedad in November with seven members of the squad affected by a covid outbreak, including the coach, Diego Martínez. LaLiga denied the postponement in the first instance and later the Competition Committee would do so, considering that they had enough available players and there was no risk that the outbreak would get out of control.

The great difference with the case of the Mirandés occurs in the British variant of the coronavirus, from which it is suspected that the cases of the Burgos team may be infected. For this reason, despite the fact that the coach, Jose Alberto López, will have enough players to have played both the game against Rayo and Wednesday’s against Tenerife, Competición estimates a too high risk that the outbreak will get out of control.

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