Eintracht Frankfurt trembles about participation in the Champions League: Adi Hütter has no desire to blackmail

Adi Hütter loses 4-0 at his future job – and suddenly Eintracht Frankfurt trembles. Opponent Gladbach serves as a cautionary example.

Adi Hütter had already expected the question, and yet his expression grew a little grimmer.

“That’s a little too cheap for me,” said the Eintracht Frankfurt coach after the hefty 4-0 (0-1) at his future employer when asked about a connection to his announced departure. Hütter’s clear words: “If you can’t lose against Borussia Mönchengladbach, I don’t understand the world anymore.”

But it also fitted too well: For weeks the Hessians were enthusiastic with hurray football, the Champions League is within reach – and then the high-altitude flight ended with a bang in the first game after Hütter’s farewell declaration. And that, of all places, in Gladbach. “It’s always easy to say that one thing has to do with the other,” said Hütter, quite annoyed.

Marco Rose was on the left of Hütter, and the Gladbach coach is likely to have suffered at this moment with his already established successor. Because Rose knows these questions only too well, after all, Gladbach only lost a few weeks ago after his own departure announcement in series. So it’s no wonder that Borussia serves as a warning example for many Eintracht fans.

Eintracht Frankfurt makes individual mistakes

Hütters players tried to put the blame on themselves. “Today was of course grist to the mill of the critics who had already predicted it,” said Sebastian Rode, and goalkeeper Kevin Trapp added: “It had nothing to do with the coach or whoever left the club.”

In fact, it was rather individual mistakes like Trapps Lapsus in Jonas Hofmann’s 2-0 draw (60th) that were responsible for the defeat. In the end, the bankruptcy was clearly too high due to the other goals from Matthias Ginter (10th), Ramy Bensebaini (67th) and Hannes Wolf (90th + 5). But nobody asked about that.

For Eintracht it will now be about not to gamble away the big goal in the last five games. “If that is achieved, then I can leave this great club with my head held high,” said Hütter. Again, he did not want to talk about his motives for leaving Eintracht in the direction of the Lower Rhine: “There are reasons, there are arguments. And the time will come when I will speak about it.”

Maybe yes, as soon as the big goal is actually achieved. Already on Tuesday in the home game against FC Augsburg (8.30 p.m. in the live ticker), Eintracht can show that Hütter is right in claiming that his departure has no effect on the results. In any case, Hütter is certain: “We’ll see how the game ends on Tuesday.”

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