Eintracht Frankfurt: Suspended game for Fredi Bobic – does the sports director play on time?

Fredi Bobic has announced that he will leave Eintracht Frankfurt as sports director in the summer. His future has not yet been finally clarified.

According to the sports magazine kicker Bobic, whose contract on the Main is still dated June 30, 2023, could play for a while and thus put pressure on Eintracht. After the 49-year-old’s farewell announcement, she has to look for at least a successor.

If an heir is found for Bobic, the required transfer fee would certainly decrease considerably. Frankfurt is proving to be a tough negotiating partner, apparently demanding five million euros so far to give Bobic a clearance.

Otherwise, Central Committee member Stephen Orenstein would have, according to the picture– The newspaper gave it to understand internally that Bobic would rather keep Bobic for another year. Probably just a means of signaling power.

The functionary, whom Bundesliga competitor Hertha BSC wants as a new strong man in the sporting leadership, is said to have spoken of only one million euros as a transfer in talks so far. Too little for his current employer. There is a risk of a hanging game, albeit according to the information provided by Frankfurter Rundschau a solution is being worked on at full speed.

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