Eintracht Frankfurt: Rode continues to see Hütter departure as a factor for missing the premier class

Midfielder Sebastian Rode continues to see the departure of Adi Hütter as one of the main reasons for Eintracht Frankfurt’s slump in the final spurt of the Bundesliga. “At the beginning you really think that it doesn’t affect you and you shake it off to show a certain amount of strength to the outside world. But we have been bombarded with a lot,” said the 30-year-old kicker.

“When the entire sporting direction breaks down, it is human that the players start pondering.”

Even if the relationship of trust has “not suffered much” after Hütter’s established move to Borussia Mönchengladbach, players ask themselves questions. “What’s going on? We’re playing the best season in the history of Eintracht – and everyone is going away. What does the future bring?” Said Rode: “These factors play a role subconsciously. You try to suppress that, but you succeed not to leave that out completely. “

Hütter himself only “knocked” in the week the change was announced, after which he “did nothing differently” than before, explained Rode. But “maybe a few percent were missing”. Whether Hütter’s departure is the main factor in missing the premier class is ultimately “hypothetical”.

“We could have lost the games if Adi Hütter was still our coach next year,” said Rode and reassured him: “It doesn’t have to be to drive someone like a pig through the village now.” Even if the disappointment is of course great and you could “bite your own ass” because of slipping to fifth place, the veteran continues.

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For these statements, sports director Fredi Bobic reprimanded the midfielder in the Sports picture: “He never told me there was a problem. I don’t find this statement professional: As a player you have to look at your own performance.” The development “called on some people who wanted to spread a bad mood. They are now grappling with the mill, can talk badly about the season”.

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