Eintracht Frankfurt – Fredi Bobic defends Adi Hütter: season “a smooth one”

Sports director Fredi Bobic defended the work of coach Adi Hütter after missing the qualification for the Champions League with Eintracht Frankfurt. With the Champions League, the season of Eintracht would have been a one plus, “so it’s a straight one, I won’t let anyone spoil it,” said Bobic Sports picture.

It was a “very, very good season for Eintracht Frankfurt”: “Even if we unfortunately couldn’t fulfill our dream of entering the Champions League for the first time. And that has nothing to do with glossing over.” Frankfurt experienced the “best season in 25 years”: “Never before have so many points been taken in the three-point history.”

However, the Hessians only got four points from the last five games in the Bundesliga. After the 3: 4 defeat at relegated Schalke 04, entry into the premier class is no longer possible. Subsequently, criticism of Hütter was also loud from the team and from Eintracht board spokesman Axel Hellmann.

Bobic criticized the lack of unity in the external presentation. “In the last two or three weeks I would have liked more public support from everyone, but especially from those who are called to Eintracht – especially for Adi Hütter,” said Bobic.

His move to Hertha BSC and Hütter’s departure from Borussia Mönchengladbach are not the main reasons for the drop in performance. He “didn’t have the slightest feeling that the team had changed as a result – in training, in preparation, in overall action,” said Bobic: “We made an unusually large number of individual mistakes in the last few games. That was us before better done. “

Eintracht Frankfurt – Bobic: “Many individual mistakes”

According to information from Sports picture However, Hütter is said to have planned his new job in Gladbach parallel to the important Eintracht games.

According to the report, he has already phoned the Borussia leaders and told them that he saw a lot of potential in the team and was looking forward to his new job.

In addition, he is said to have already contacted the Borussia management and discussed the planning of the preparation for the season.

In Gladbach, Hütter will receive a three-year contract from the summer.

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