Dynamo tour “horrified” after Dresden riots

The leadership of the third division Dynamo Dresden reacted with outrage to the excesses of violence of its supporters one day after the serious riots during the rise of the Saxons with a 4-0 win against Türkgücü Munich. The club distanced itself from the perpetrators of the riots with almost 200 injured police officers and a presumably even larger number of uninvolved fans and people with injuries and announced a comprehensive review of the events.

“The pictures speak a clear language. We are horrified and condemn this violence in the strongest possible way. In particular, the apparently targeted attacks by a violent minority on journalists and police officers are, in our view, border crossings that we will not tolerate under any circumstances. They are not fans of Dynamo Dresden, they put themselves above the law and beyond our association and its values. Violence is not a legitimate means of enforcing one’s interests, “said Dynamo managing directors Ralf Becker and Jürgen Wehlend.

Both also complained of considerable damage to the club’s reputation: “We deeply regret that rioters and violent criminals have managed to ensure that little is said about the terrific performance of our promotion team, but all the more about the devastating images from Dresden.” In their association announcement, the Elbestädter see themselves “once again in the public pillory”.

Around 500 violent hooligans wanted to break through the barriers around the Dresden stadiums during the game. The rioters attacked officials with pyrotechnics, bottles and stones. Individual rioters were arrested.

The first analysis should be followed by further steps to process the events, as Dynamo further emphasized. As a result, the club officials hope to gain a better understanding of “how the initially peaceful gathering of Dynamo fans could lead to collective disinhibition and then to extreme escalation”.

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