Don’t say VAR, say goodbye to all this

The referee points out a penalty in favor of Sevilla against Madrid.

In the name of justice, the VAR presides over a system that is objective, subjective and indifferent at the same time. He is inflexible with the centimeter in the out of games and very flexible with conflicts in the area, where several referees, one on the field and others locked in a room, question each other to judge actions on which they sometimes agree and others don’t.

Through the VAR, ardently defended by people who like technology more than football, it goes without blushing from centimeter intolerance to the interpretive catch-all, where anything goes and doesn’t go at the same time. There are actions that deserve the judicious deliberation of the referees, of a minute or two if the matter attracts them enough attention, but other similar ones go unnoticed and nobody consults. Then you hear the old “go on, go on.”

A stomp, a kick, a trip or a push in the area is a penalty, it is not a penalty or who knows. Penalties, or no penalties, by hand are a separate category, the Everest of messes, a syndiose that begins by questioning the physical laws of nature and threatens to turn footballers into pieces of table football: they fear their arms more than to Messi’s dribbling.

Players’ efforts to hide their arms in order to block a shot, to propel themselves in jumps, or to twist their body, produce irritation and tenderness, as long as those movements, so necessarily human, occur in the area. Outside the area, they are invited to breathe. They can return to their previous condition, that of footballers. There they are not subjected to the eye of the VAR, whose peculiar sense of justice encourages microscopic rigor in some parts of the field and very little disinterest in others. Asymmetric justice is called that figure, which is the most bloody of injustices.

The most ridiculous expression of the VAR materialized in Real Madrid-Seville, where everything that could go wrong went wrong. Benzema had a goal disallowed after reviewing a play in which Odriozola was half a foot in front of the last rival defender, located a league from Madrid’s side. In strictly football terms, Odriozola did not gain any advantage from his position. The referee decreed the goal, but the VAR threw lines, took the centimeter and the decision was reversed. For the supporters of entomology it was the apotheosis of justice. For any hobbyist without microscopic obsessions, it was a calamity.

Benzema, unstoppable throughout the match, became a monument to frustration in football. They invalidated a goal of great consequence in the championship and canceled a penalty shot when he was about to execute it. They told him no, that after a long time a penalty had been detected in the Madrid area, just 10 seconds before, in a hand of Militão that sometimes is punished and sometimes not, depending on the wind of judgment to the reviewers. of pictures.

To this ridiculous system are added some unfortunate consequences: aborted celebrations, emotional damage, fragmentation of the parties and bewilderment in the spectators. The VAR is more than a sad and contradictory gambling control system. It is an essential part of a denaturing process that advances at full throttle, without dissimulation, in which an elitist competition fits to the heart, contemptuous of the principles that made soccer the most popular game on the planet, except in the country of technological obsession. in sports, the closed leagues and most of the capitostes who participated in the plan.

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