Does Barça believe in Koeman?

You see, after weeks, months, trips and matches, the League is slipping through Barça’s fingers in those matches that are often taken for granted. That match against Granada after the euphoria of a Copa del Rey held by passing over Athletic Club in the second half of that final in Seville … Moreover, if we review FC Barcelona’s journey in the Cup, we will see that it has lived on the wire in qualifying rounds won in extra time (Cornellà, Granada and Sevilla) and if we were to heed these statistics we would think of a long-winded team, a team that was reluctant to lose, with enough pride to go looking for victory in the last inch of the competition, like those cyclists who win by a tubular in their last shot of the kidneys to propel their bike in search of victory.

And that same team, that same group, that same coach, have transmuted in this final part of the League to become a weak, fatigued team and, above all, empty of confidence, which each time rivals have come looking for to his area, already with the unfavorable result, to play one against one throughout the field, in the purest style of Bielsa. And if we use football topics we will have to agree that one by one, player by player, the Barça squad should beat those of Granada or Levante. But the most surprising question is that Barça have lacked collective solutions, team solutions, those that should promote the creation of spaces to overcome that individual pressure.

And that proud, indomitable and determined team of the Cup has been diluted into weak, light and powerless second parts.

Now that the League looks distant and impossible (attention that, seeing how this is going, even the most impossible could happen), speculation begins about the future, next season, new illusions, new expectations, new horizons, such as If by looking to the future we could escape the present.

The speculation begins with the coach with the feeling that Koeman has taken the team further than expected in the month of November, Cup title included, but not as far as the expectations reformulated at the end of April. As Laporta has not commented on his future – it is his right to reflect on the elements on which he wants to build his project and his Barça – speculations fly over the Camp Nou even knowing that times are not very buoyant in suggestive names nor in teams that have stood out for their brilliance in the game so that their coaches can apply for that wonderful and suffocating position that is the Barça bench. It would be good if Ronald stays – he has made merits to oppose the first to that place -, it is because the club believes in him and in his work. The opposite would be to start with the changed foot.

And already put, two appraisals on market issues. The first part of Florentino Pérez’s reflection, who told us that the clubs are ruined. Everyone. Difficult market that has to be developed without money since it can only be sustained by future money, that which has to arrive. But we already know how that story of the milkmaid ends.

The second is more in my gaze from the goal. I see that the big names in the market are always associated with the forwards, you know, the Haalands, Mbappé, Neymar or Lewandowski, but if we look in other leagues it would be said that an important part of the success of Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea come in great part of the incorporation of Rúben Dias, Van Dijk and Thiago Silva. Centrals and much more than defenses. We will have to learn from the best.

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