Distance, masks and no eating and smoking

Valencia-Eibar and Villarreal-Sevilla will be the first two matches to be played with the public since the start of the pandemic in March last year. Only the Valencian Community, of which they have clubs in the First Division, is in Phase 1, an essential requirement imposed by the Ministry of Health so that fans can enter professional football matches. This condition has angered the clubs, who expected a looser measure that would have allowed a greater number of stadiums to have welcomed spectators in the last two days. In Mestalla and in the La Cerámica stadium, 30% of the capacity will be allowed with a maximum of 5,000 spectators, which is the limit established by Health and accepted by the Higher Sports Council, which assumed the power to open the doors to the public for both professional soccer and the ACB basketball league.

Beyond their disappointment, the clubs had been waiting for this moment for a long time and have not had to tweak much the protocol in which they worked since before the de-escalation occurred last summer. The document establishes that fans entering the venue must identify themselves and provide their place of residence, in case it were a close contact, both on the ticket purchase platforms and at the access to the stadium, which LaLiga recommends to reach on foot. or in private transport. Spectators assume responsibility for a possible contagion, even if all established health and safety measures are taken.

In the ticket for sale, the name of the owner of the ticket will appear, his ID, the town he will occupy and the time slot for access to the stadium, which will be staggered. There will be three groups of fans. From an hour and a half before the game and up to an hour before the start, spectators from the three groups will be able to enter. From one hour to 40 minutes before, group 1 will access; from 40 minutes before to 20 minutes before, group 2 will enter; and from 20 minutes before the start of group 3. If a fan arrives at the entrance door to the stadium ten minutes later than the time slot assigned to their location, they must wait for the security personnel to consider that they can access the stadium.

The temperature will be taken before entering the stadium and in the occupied places, separated by 1.5 meters, it is mandatory to remain seated during the course of the match except to go to the toilet areas. Each group of fans will be a maximum of four as long as they are living together.

The restricted areas in the stands for fans will be those closest to the benches and to the seats normally occupied by substitutes. In the entertainment areas located behind the goals, season ticket holders who had access to the localities during the season will not be allowed to sit and will be provided different ones. With this measure, the employers have tried to avoid a possible concentration of the ultras.

The entry of bass drums, megaphones or flags with a pole is prohibited. The use of a FFP2 mask is mandatory and smoking and eating are not allowed. The inland catering establishments will remain closed. You can only drink water, which will be provided free of charge at the points established by the club.

The eviction from the stadium will be staggered. It will be done in rows, first the closest to the exit doors and the club staff will give the guidelines to follow.

Valencia has sold the 5,000 seats put up for sale. It gave priority to the 6,000 subscribers who refused to receive financial compensation for the five games last season that they could not attend due to the pandemic and have had a 50% discount on the price. Valencian fans will demonstrate against the management of Peter Lim. Villarreal granted free tickets to the 2,000 members who signed up for the Europa League final and the other 3,000, also free of charge, were for the first subscribers to request them.

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