Discrimination among the Union Berlin’s youngsters? NLZ chief scout Lars Mrosko criticizes

After the serious allegations against Union Berlin that the club systematically disadvantaged young players with a migration background, the chief scout of the club’s own youth performance center (NLZ) also criticized those responsible. NLZ head coach Andre Hofschneider rejected the allegations.

BuzzFeed News Germany and the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung reported that among those born in 2003 and 2004, the quota of players with a “Turkish or Arab migration background” had fallen from 40 to ten percent within two years. Union Berlin had denied a foreigner quota in the club in a statement.

Lars Mrosko, chief scout at Unioner NLZ, has now spoken in an interview with the two media. He also rejected a quota of foreigners in the club: “If there had been such a quota in the club, I would have resigned immediately.” But he also criticized the Iron: “There are huge regional differences in Berlin, where as a club you have to have a certain sensitivity and sensitivity. I don’t know whether the people in charge at Union are already ready to deal with different clientele . ” It seems “that maybe this is not the case and that you can learn as a club.”

Hofschneider had opposite the Berlin newspaper explains that the club wants to “bring the best players onto the pitch”: “And it doesn’t matter what religion, origin, skin or hair color they are.” He rejected willful discrimination against certain groups: “I’m pushing that far from us!”

Mrosko, who will be leaving the Union in the summer of his own accord, attested to Hofschneider making “very emotional” decisions and not justifying these decisions: “Andre Hofschneider may have been shaped differently in his younger years and is now ultimately passing it on.”

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