Direct: Juan Cala denies the accusations of racism to Diakhaby: “I am suffering a media circus”

Juan Cala, during a Cádiz match

Juan Cala has kept silence, beyond a few words caught on the fly, about his alleged Racist insults toward Mouctar Diakhaby during the duel between his Cadiz and the Valencia.

The Sevillian footballer generally accused of not respecting the presumption of innocenceAnd that is why he has decided to hold a press conference this Tuesday, when almost 48 hours have passed since the game, to defend himself. Moments before the appearance of the accused, the victim, Diakhaby, shared a video in which he revealed a talk they had during the break of the party.

“It all starts in a corner in favor of Valencia, where Diakhaby falls on top of me and I receive a blow. I demand a foul, he who gets me up with fuss, and that remains there. You can see the image. Then comes the goal, the card and then the unfortunate play. In a foul in favor, I have another throw with the player, I receive a blow and I fall. I claim, like everyone else, and running backwards, the player rebukes me. I go back with fuss, ‘leave me in peace ‘and I move on. At that moment the player turns to me, ignores the play, saying that I said “shit black”. I try to reassure him, I hold him with my hand on his face, saying’ calm down “I didn’t say that,” he pushes me, I insist, and then Fali arrives and the tangana that you all know is already formed. I think that it comes to provoke a second card, I stay out of the brawl, seeing what can happen and what the referee decides. He takes the card from the Valencia player, and from there he flies into a rage. From there, we see the unfortunate images in which Gabriel Paulista repeats what his partner has said and that he leaves the field. I am left with a face of astonishment and embarrassment. I reiterate: I never said “you’re a fucking nigga” and that’s pretty clear. “

It’s false. If there is a Cádiz player who approaches a Valencia player saying that if I apologize, he will go out on the field, if he goes out and gives names and surnames, I will quit football. I am suffering from a media circus. It comes out two days later on twitter.

After seeing the embarrassing video that the president of Valencia makes with his player next to him and they broadcast it by all means, I only hope that later he would go to the duty court to report me. I am going to do it. You cannot accuse so forcefully without having evidence against me. I am going to do it.

They look for the second card when the player comes to me. From there two players are seen urging them to leave the field. It’s all simpler: there are two victims here. One who is accused and another who interprets that he has been the victim of a racist insult. We are soccer professionals, take us both and I’ll tell you what I said. All that has happened is a circus.

I don’t know, I don’t know if he misinterpreted … I try to calm him down. From there, I don’t know what happens. I see players talking to each other, and the whole show that we have all seen.

We are in a football without an audience for this damn pandemic. There are 20-25 cameras on a soccer field, microphones, 22 players … When he allegedly receives the insult, there are 8 players around him and no one finds out. At least let me doubt it.

The only one who talks to me from Valencia is his delegate to see what had happened. I tell him that it is a show. I was in shock, they accuse me of something that I am not. Then they decide to leave, but without the player, nobody from Valencia tells me anything … At least ask me, I’ve been a professional for 12 years. I have been in four different leagues. I have shared a dressing room with Chinese, English, South Americans, Africans … I have been with Benjamin and Kanouté in Guinea for a week with humanitarian aid. I am accused of something that I am not, and there is the newspaper library.

I have no problem sitting with him in a room, but after the lynching and circus that has formed … All kinds of people have judged me even before the game, to gain prominence, votes and all kinds of things. I have no problem (talking to him), that’s what should have happened. I will explain it to you and that’s it. We are damaging Spanish football, there is no racism in Spanish football. Rare is the team that does not have four or five players of the color. There is no racism.

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