DFL decides to quarantine training camp

In the lockdown against the end of the season, the quarantine training camps are coming: the DFL has pulled the “Bundesliga emergency brake” in the fight against the virus mutant and is sealing off its clubs. From May 12th, all 36 clubs in the Bundesliga and the 2nd division will go into isolation for the last two match days in order to prevent the GAU from breaking off. After the corona shock at Hertha BSC, this step was last seen.

The two-stage and mandatory measure is intended to ensure that the current season can be ended by 22nd (1st division) or 23rd May (2nd division). Before moving into the training camp, players and supervisors should go into a “quasi-quarantine” from May 3rd, which, according to the DFL, serves to “reduce contact and further minimize the risk of infection”. The persons concerned are allowed to stay “only in their home environment or on the training grounds or in the stadium”.

For access to the training camp, each person needs a negative PCR test that is no longer than 24 hours old. Personal contact is only allowed inside the bubble. Should someone have to leave the bubble “due to special professional obligations”, a return is only permitted “with the implementation of further protective measures”. This includes, among other things, a “negative rapid antigen test immediately before return”.

The training camp had long been considered as a measure against the corona mutations and possible game cancellations, but were then initially discarded. In the 2nd and 3rd league, Holstein Kiel, SV Sandhausen, Karlsruher SC or Dynamo Dresden were recently sent into quarantine. However, the topic of team isolation gained new momentum last Thursday when Hertha BSC was the first Bundesliga club to be withdrawn from the race for 14 days after several corona cases.

Recently, several representatives of Bundesliga clubs had spoken out in favor of barracking, after all, the secondment period for the European Championship begins on May 31. The DFL also referred to the “deadline pressure” as a reason for the measure on Thursday. By the time it goes to the national team, the leagues, whose calendars are full, have to be through with their games. There is no longer much room for catch-up games due to corona-related cancellations.

Bundesliga: Hertha BSC before hammer program after quarantine

Lauterbach praised the DFL’s hygiene concepts, which no longer fully protect against the mutant. The players should be aware of the “residual risk”. “That is actually the price that has to be paid if you want to play the league to the end. The DFL’s concepts are really good, but it (the B117 mutation / d. Ed.) Is very contagious,” he said 58 year old. One can only hope that the mutant’s quarantine measures will hold up.

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