DFB: Treasurer Osnabrügge settles with ex-President Keller

DFB treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge accuses former President Fritz Keller of acting on his own account and of self-centeredness.

“This is the image of the patriarch who doesn’t do things in a team, who interferes in all issues regardless of responsibilities,” said Osnabrügge Bonn General Gazette (Saturday edition): “Obviously not understanding that he is not giving positive impulses, but destructive; and above all, he does not put himself in front of the organization, in front of the people, but is extremely focused on himself and his external image.”

One must come to the realization, emphasized Osnabrügge, “that he did not at all accept or respect the organization he was at the head of – and that is not a criminal gang, but a wonderful organization.”

The German Football Association (DFB) “cannot be led without respect for responsibilities and without respect for people”.

In his view, a successor to the resigned Keller must “have the profound trust of the amateurs. Especially now.”

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