DFB team – Toni Kroos reckons with Qatar: “Crazy, absolutely unacceptable”

National player Toni Kroos criticizes the upcoming World Cup host Qatar in a previously unheard of clarity and wants to raise his voice for human rights during the final round.

“The guest workers have to work nonstop at 50 degrees Celsius, they suffer from a lack of nutrition and a lack of drinking water, which is crazy at the temperatures,” said the Real Madrid midfield star on the podcast “Simply lop” with his brother Felix .

Kroos clearly addressed the grievances. “Security is not guaranteed at all, there is no medical care. I think the award to Qatar is not a good thing. One is the working conditions, the other is that homosexuality is criminalized and persecuted there,” he said.

There is also “a certain amount of violence against the workers” carried out: “These are points that are absolutely unacceptable.”

One must, however, ask the question: “What is the point of a boycott? If the working conditions then change: I think no,” said Kroos. He is more of the opinion that the World Cup draws a lot of attention to the problems, which could drive improvements: “Football can and must draw extreme attention to this, again and again. Perhaps also in the run-up to or during a tournament like this.”

Kroos: “What’s the point of a boycott?”

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