DFB team: Press conference with Joachim Löw and Ilkay Gündogan today in the live ticker

At the end of the international trilogy, the DFB team will meet North Macedonia. Before the game on Wednesday (from 8.45 p.m. on LIVETICKER), Joachim Löw and Ilkay Gündogan will answer questions from the press. Here you can follow the press conference in the live ticker.

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“He came from a difficult injury, then you need a certain amount of start-up time. In these two games it was striking to see that he had extremely good moments defensively. That was extra class in some situations.”

“Manuel will stay here. Ilkay Gündogan will be captain if he starts from the start.”

“He makes a good impression, as does Musiala. But it’s a qualifying game, we have to see how it goes. I can’t make any promises.”

DFB team: Press conference with Joachim Löw and Ilkay Gündogan today in the live ticker

“We still have a few players who are pushing to play at the European Championship. Süle was injured for a long time, Robin Koch has made great progress and has enormous potential. I already said that we had problems last year, but also as a team just weren’t compact. The defense doesn’t give me a sleepless next. It’s also about how the set-up is and how the midfield and the attack act defensively. But there weren’t any of these calibres that we meet at the European Championships. “

“I didn’t talk to him about that. Last year he said that he feels very comfortable in Bergamo but can imagine the next step. The club and coach have to pass, he has developed very well in a difficult league. Robin has great dynamism and exudes a goal hazard. That’s a quality as a defender and it’s remarkable. I don’t think that a decision will be made before the European Championship. “

“After looking at things and discussing things a few times, we made them much better. We have a good defensive structure, we have recaptured balls early. The distances are getting shorter, there is little space for the opponent. We have mostly good ones on the offensive Processes and a good floor plan. We created a lot of chances against Romania and opened the game well from behind. “

“Wistfulness definitely does not resonate. I never concern myself with the fact that after the European Championship is over. We are very focused in the coaching team, we devote all our energy to that. Tomorrow’s game has to be won first.”

“Yesterday I dealt with North Macedonia, they have a tough time. They are no worse than the Romanians, technically very well-versed, it will be a feat.”

“He did an incredible job for ManCity. Just his goal to the championship back then, I still get goose bumps today when I listen to the original commentary.”

“I don’t want to talk about the shape of my life. I’m feeling very well right now. I also performed well in Dortmund or at our last championship with Manchester City.”

DFB team: Press conference with Joachim Löw and Ilkay Gündogan today live on TV and livestream

“The Premier League gives you the chance to compete with the best in the world. I’ve learned a lot. For me, after seven or eight years in Germany, it was important to take the next step and develop myself further.”

“To be honest, I play a lot of football manager – and I’m not proud of that (laughs). Of course, I also try to be in contact with friends and family over the phone.”

“I also think it’s good to suffer setbacks because you learn and do things differently.”

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