DFB team – manner of support for Manuel Neuer “semi-funny”: Marc-Andre ter Stegen reproaches Uli Hoeneß

Marc-Andre ter Stegen has criticized the statements made by Uli Hoeneß in 2019 in relation to the fight for number 1 in the DFB goal. In addition, the 29-year-old looked at the time after the upcoming EM.

“Uli Hoeneß’s choice of words was not the right one. I can blame him for that and I didn’t find that funny at the moment. Because there is a limit,” said the FC Barcelona goalkeeper Sport1.

In September 2019, Hoeneß clearly sided with Manuel Neuer in the discussion about number 1 in the national team. Among other things, the former Bayern president said that Ter Stegen had absolutely no claim to the place in the goal of the 2014 world champions.

“Can I really blame Uli Hoeneß for defending his goalkeeper? No, I can’t. Actually, I think it’s almost good that they said at Bayern: ‘Come on, let’s stand behind our goalkeeper. Taste it what it may, ‘”says Ter Stegen.

“But I found Hoeneß’s statements semi-funny, I’m honest,” said the goalkeeper: “It was a normal statement from me at the time when I said: ‘I play well. Of course I want to play in the national team. ‘ That doesn’t mean that I have less respect for Manuel. In football, performance is valued, current forms should be decisive and at that moment I felt comfortable and performed well. I have a claim to myself and would have lied if I had back then would have said, ‘It’s okay as number two.’ Nobody would say that and that is not my claim. “

Ter Stegen: “I will take responsibility”

“People know that I will always be there when I am needed. I will be prepared for this moment. I will take responsibility on and off the pitch. I wish Manuel that he stays injury-free. In the end it will not happen anyway We have to function as a team. This is the only way we can make a difference. By living the team and going on the bench and in the stands. In times of the Corona we talk a lot about the so-called team bubble. This has to be at the European Championships work and harmonize, “said Ter Stegen.

After the EM, however, he is toying with a new opportunity. “Of course I’m already thinking about what will happen afterwards. Everyone thinks there is a chance that the cards will be reshuffled. Then it is up to each individual to decide whether to join the team or not. In my case, it’s the same. Me want to prove myself through the club for the national team, “said Ter Stegen.

Ter Stegen moved from Borussia Mönchengladbach to FC Barcelona in 2014, where he will be under contract until 2025. So far, he has played 25 games for the national team.

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