DFB – summer fairy tale affair: Rainer Koch rejects Grindel allegations

DFB Vice President Rainer Koch has rejected the allegations made by former President Reinhard Grindel in relation to his role in researching questionable payments in connection with the 2006 World Cup. Grindel had in one ZDF-Interview said that Koch was earlier than known from the revelations made by the news magazine The mirror knew, but “did not inform the presidium or at least the president” about it.

Koch, who is currently at the center of the power struggle at the head of the German Football Association (DFB), let SID inquire about the Bavarian Football Association (BFV) that “Reinhard Grindel’s statements are not true. That Mr. Grindel is making these statements at the present time and deliberately making them public is not surprising “.

In October 2015, Der Spiegel reported for the first time on the still unresolved payment flow of 6.7 million euros in connection with the award to Germany, thus plunging the DFB into a deep crisis. The then DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach resigned, the former treasurer Grindel was then elected as his successor.

He was “very surprised”, said Grindel, “that Mr. Koch described his situation in such a way that he heard about the whole process for the first time” when Niersbach informed the Presidium at a conference.

As a result, the chance was wasted, “that we as the DFB could have actively clarified the matter before it was published and we could take appropriate measures. That would certainly have helped the credibility of the DFB a lot”.

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