DFB – Schwedler: “Cut off all old braids” for a new start at the DFB

Sandra Schwedler, chairman of the supervisory board of the second division FC St. Pauli, does not want the sensational position paper on empowering women in football to be understood as a vehicle for “taking over” the German Football Association (DFB). “That is not the aim and purpose of this position paper, behind it there is a fundamental demand for change in both associations and in the clubs,” said Schwedler SID.

The leadership crisis is a great opportunity for profound changes in structures that are no longer up to date. “A fresh start is possible if you really cut off all the old braids at the DFB. That means that you rethink football and fill it with new people,” said the only head of the supervisory board in German football.

For the reorganization, she advises “experts who are the best in the respective field”. These can be brought together in a joint leadership: “Leadership works better in a diverse team than that we find an egg-laying woolly milk pig that can do everything.”

According to Schwedler, there are also candidates for the role of the first female president in DFB history apart from Katja Kraus, a former member of the Hamburger SV board: “There are more than ten women who would be suitable to become president. At least as many as men.”

In terms of gender equality, football, for example, still lags far behind the economy. “There is still a lot more to be caught up in. I would say that this is not just a reflection of society, but in my world it is even an outdated reflection of society.”

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