DFB: Regional and state associations are calling for amateur football to be relaxed

The presidents of the regional and state associations of the German Football Association (DFB) are campaigning for a relaxation in the amateur area.

“In recent months, our clubs have made a successful contribution to reducing contacts and counteracting infections,” said DFB Vice President Peter Frymuth: “This responsible behavior must not be forgotten when discussing the easing, especially because it is especially about children and young people. “

Ronny Zimmermann and Hannelore Ratzeburg also demand that the “lockdown for sport not become permanent”. “We have to keep an eye on the consequences of a permanent lack of exercise and a lack of social contacts, especially for children and young people,” said the two presidium members responsible for young talent at the DFB.

Club sport can provide “noticeable relief and with the already tried and tested hygiene concepts, it can do justice to its social task.”

The presidential conference follows DFB President Fritz Keller and Vice President Rainer Koch, who at the end of last week campaigned for relaxation in amateur sport with an open letter. Amateur sport should “no longer be seen as part of the problem, but finally as part of the solution in terms of general health promotion”, so the common tenor.

Football in the open air: “Low risk of infection”

In order to substantiate the point of view, the DFB is conducting an investigation of more than 750 games from the professional and amateur area with at least one player suspected of corona. No further suspected cases were found in the respective teams up to 14 days after the game, only in one case doubts about a broadcast during the soccer game could not be completely eliminated.

“In summary, this means that, according to the current state of knowledge, there is only an extremely low risk of infection when playing football outdoors,” said national team doctor Tim Meyer.

The clubs are longing to return to the football field. In a nationwide DFB survey, 98 percent of around 50,000 respondents said that they miss amateur football. Above all, the feeling of community and active football is missed, according to the findings of the survey. That is why the possibility of returning to team training was given significantly more priority than returning to match operations.

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