DFB President Fritz Keller reported to the ethics committee after a Nazi settlement

At a meeting of the DFB Presidium last Friday, President Fritz Keller lost track of his vice Rainer Koch. According to media reports, Keller compared Koch with Roland Freisler, who was responsible for the death sentences of numerous resistance fighters in the Third Reich.

Actually, the still smoldering conflict between Keller and Secretary General Friedrich Curtius should be dealt with at the meeting. However, this point became a minor aspect. Among other things, the dismissal of Keller’s office manager Samy Hamama, who is said to have gained access to secret documents that became public, was discussed. Hamama denies this and takes legal action against his termination.

Again mirror reported, Koch is said to have spoken at the meeting on Friday about a meeting with representatives of state and regional associations, in which that topic was discussed. Keller countered that it was a “scandal” that Hamama’s lawyer was not allowed to express himself and criticized the one-sidedness. After Vice Koch replied that he could give his opinion at a closed meeting next weekend, Keller described his vice as “Freisler”.

Freisler was President of the People’s Court and sentenced about 2600 deaths to opponents of National Socialism, including Hans and Sophie Scholl and the Hitler assassins from 1944. He was one of only 15 participants in the Wannsee Conference, at which the 1942 Holocaust was organized in detail. Koch himself is a criminal judge at the Higher Regional Court in Munich.

DFB: Curtius reports Keller to the ethics committee

However, he will not resign, said Keller picture: “I made a mistake, but I will finish the clean-up work for which I was brought to the DFB and was elected with 100 percent of the votes in the Bundestag.”

As the picture reported on Tuesday that Koch had “neither accepted nor rejected” the apology. At the weekend there should be a personal conversation between the two.

Either way, the incident could have ramifications. General Secretary Curtius has reported to the DFB Ethics Committee and informed the DFB Presidential Committee and the vice-presidents of the amateurs. In the letter, Curtius also stated that he “deeply regrets not having taken immediate action on site”. According to this, there have been “border violations” by the president more frequently in the past, which are now finally to be investigated.

“It is incredible to me and I believe that a large number of regional associations will be of the opinion that we will now need an extraordinary Bundestag in which everyone has to stand for election. There is no other way,” said Uwe Döring, President of the Schleswig-Holstein Football Association, opposite Sport1.

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