DFB President Fritz Keller against homophobia: “Want to be part of a cultural change”

President Fritz Keller has assured homosexual players the support and solidarity of the DFB. “Football is for everyone. Exclamation mark. On the lawn and in the stands. We want to live this diversity,” said the head of the German Football Association (DFB) on the association’s side: “We want to be part of a cultural change.”

In a campaign by 11Freunde magazine, several hundred players from professional football have given homosexual players their full support and solidarity. “You can count on us,” says the statement, which is supposed to take away the fear of the consequences of a coming-out. The DFB also supports the campaign.

The association recently created a contact point for gender and sexual diversity in football together with the Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany (LSVD). “We want to educate and raise awareness – for language, for dealing with each other in the cabin and on the field,” said Keller: “The time is ripe for us to deal with it calmly and naturally.”

In Germany, “no active professional player has yet to admit his homosexuality, but coming-out is by no means a matter of course in amateur football either. Hopefully it will one day,” said Keller: “Everyone must be free from discrimination and be able to play or watch football free from fear. “

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