DFB: General Secretary Friedrich Curtius indirectly offers farewell

The pressure on Fritz Keller increases after the Potsdam earthquake. But the DFB President, who was asked to resign, remains silent – General Secretary Friedrich Curtius, on the other hand, goes on the offensive.

The boss is silent, the adjutant puts pressure: While the worryingly staggering Fritz Keller started a questionable game after the Potsdam earthquake, his adversary Friedrich Curtius pushed forward. The DFB general secretary took advantage of the shock of the deeply affected president, who did not move even with a little distance to the resignation of the state and regional associations. Curtius brought up a change at the DFB without him and his boss – and put Keller under pressure.

“With its very clear stance on the unacceptable Freisler statement by Fritz Keller and her call to resign, the conference sent out a clear signal that it envisions a new beginning at the top of the DFB,” said Curtius, who had also been deprived of trust , on Monday with. Keller, on the other hand, remained silent, although speculation about the successor had already begun.

He “respects” the vote and takes it “very seriously,” assured Curtius: “I am always available for discussions on constructive solutions for the DFB, this of course also includes my role.” It seems as if the 44-year-old is ready to pave the way for a fresh start – should Keller also meet the demands of the sovereigns.

What consequences will be drawn from the decisions of the conference, however, is still open. Keller, it seems, apparently wants to wait for the ethics committee’s statements on his Nazi settlement before commenting on his future. Another showdown threatens – this time on the association’s board.

Keller vs. Curtius: DFB is a disastrous picture

In any case, many sides see Keller as no longer acceptable after the Nazi comparison, the cracking gossip, including the withdrawal of confidence and resignation from Sunday, aggravated the situation again. It may only be a matter of time before the DFB boss, who only appeared with noble intentions at the top of the largest individual sports association in the world in September 2019, has to take his hat.

The topic has even reached politics. SPD politician Dagmar Freitag believes Keller’s resignation is inevitable, but that is no guarantee that the power struggle will end. “The DFB has been giving a disastrous picture for years and has suffered damage on a national and international level,” said the chairwoman of the sports committee in the German Bundestag SID-Inquiry.

The president had come under massive criticism after he had compared his vice cook in a meeting with the Nazi judge Roland Freisler. Curtius and Osnabrugge are said to have reported the incident to the independent ethics committee.

Koch, who only “accepted” Keller’s apology, wants to leave an assessment of the facts to the “responsible bodies”. A discharge by the ethics committee could improve Keller’s position somewhat.

Should Keller or Curtius not comply with the clear demands of the sovereigns, the case will probably move to the DFB board. If a decision is made by the association’s second-highest body, which includes 15 members of the DFB Presidium, 21 national representatives, five presidents of the regional associations and twelve members of the DFL, Keller should possibly receive a little more support. In contrast, there is hardly any support for Curtius, isolated in the professional camp.

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