DFB – After the Nazi scandal: Fritz Keller and Rainer Koch want to meet on Friday

DFB President Fritz Keller and his deputy Rainer Koch want to meet for a “peace summit” on Friday evening after the recent Nazi scandal. To SID-Information, the discussion should take place in Potsdam in advance of the meeting of the 21 regional association tips. It will be about whether Koch will accept Keller’s apology.

Keller, who has been at the center of the power struggle at the DFB for months, had compared his vice cook in a meeting with the Nazi judge Roland Freisler. In the meantime, Keller has asked for forgiveness several times, but has ruled out a resignation.

At the meeting of the regional associations, Keller wants to advertise an extraordinary Bundestag in the summer, according to information from kicker and the Bild newspaper. There the delegates should decide the power struggle for Keller and General Secretary Friedrich Curtius.

It remains to be seen whether there is a majority in favor of this project. Some state associations support this proposal and also want the entire presidential committee with Keller, Koch, Curtius, Vice Peter Peters and Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge to ask the vote of confidence. However, according to SID information, numerous state associations are also against the convening of a Bundestag.

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