Details of the Superliga contracts come to light: the founding clubs have already lost more than 9 million euros

Fans protest against the Super League

Once the failure of the Super league, although officially it still stands because no one has paid the penalty for breaking the contract, as explained by its president Florentino Pérez, now it remains to be seen how to recover what was lost. At least economically, because reputationally there is much to heal.

Beyond what they have to pay for that break clause, the teams that signed up to create this new tournament have already contributed a large amount of money: infrastructure, legal consultancies, renegotiations …

Each of the twelve teams, as revealed ‘Daily Mail‘, already contributed 8 million pounds (9.2 million euros). It is unknown how much of that money was already paid and how much committed to the future, how much they have been able to recover and if that fund already included a possible breach bond.

The initial contract they had signed committed them to three years each. According to this clause, none of them could freely leave the Super League without financial penalty. The early death of the project It is now the main workhorse of the fugitives, since they consider that they should not pay anything for the contract break since the competition did not even get started.

Opposed are the opposition of Florentino Pérez, who already explained is willing to go to the last consequences to demand compensation from the fled. This, in part, also explains why officially none have left. The English teams, Inter and Atlético were clear in their statements: “Let’s go”. However, none of them have broken the contract, argued Pérez, so they remain tied to it … until they pay.

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