Dennis Aogo on Lehmann expulsion from Hertha BSC: “I would not have expected”

Former national player Dennis Aogo reacted in astonishment to the quick expulsion of supervisory board member Jens Lehmann at Bundesliga club Hertha BSC.

“I did not expect Hertha to exclude him from all offices so quickly,” said the 34-year-old in the mirror-Interview: “Even in the short time I have, I find that an overreaction.”

“In such cases” one should enter into a dialogue and exchange ideas, Aogo wishes: “And by that I don’t mean to make a short phone call, but rather that each side takes the time to look at the matter objectively and intensively.” After that one could “still think about whether a collaboration is still possible or not.”

Aogo had published a racist WhatsApp message from Lehmann that was possibly accidentally sent to him. Lehmann immediately lost his position on the Berlin supervisory board. Aogo has already accepted a first apology from Lehmann, but the topic should be concluded with an early meeting with the former national goalkeeper.

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