DAZN platform obtains Serie A TV rights for 840 million euros per year

Serie A rights have been awarded
The sports streaming platform DAZN has won most of the TV rights to Serie A for the next three seasons (2021-24), for an amount of 840 million euros per year.

It is a historic day for Italian football. The DAZN sports streaming platform won most of the Serie A TV rights on Friday for the next three seasons (2021-24). DAZN’s bid for the two main lots is around 840 million euros per year. It was preferred to that of the satellite television group Sky, historical broadcaster of the Italian Championship.

The channel, which has been broadcasting three matches a day in Italy since 2018 for 193 million euros per season, this time obtains the rights for seven matches exclusively and the other three in co-broadcasting.

This award closes two months of procrastination within Italian football and marks a change of course with, for the first time, most of the championship broadcast only in streaming.

Sky, the current main broadcaster (for 780 million euros per season), is a candidate for the last batch at stake for 2021-24, concerning the three matches in co-broadcast. His offer is currently 70 million euros, but discussions will resume. The clubs are hoping for a higher bid to come closer to the overall amount currently being collected.

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