David de Gea, focus of the memes after failing the decisive penalty of the final of the Europa League

David de Gea meme after the Europa League final

David De Gea he was the villain of the fans of the Manchester United, but not because it had a sung or because an easy shot did not stop. Quite the contrary, in fact: he missed a shot he made.

It was in that eternal penalty shootout that he took the Villarreal, in which the goalkeepers had to shoot after the 11 outfield players from each team did. Rulli did not fail in his, but De Gea did. The Spanish goalkeeper (that a penalty has not been stopped in an official match since 2016) began to receive teasing on the networks, many of them shared with his partner Edurne.

And these are just the first, because in the next few hours there will be many more.

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