David Beriain and his passion for Osasuna: “Here the only pride and the only possible forgiveness is to leave everything on the field”

David beriain

David beriain He was always proud of his origins. Not in vain, the producer ‘93 meters‘which he himself founded was named after his grandmother Juanita, because that was the distance between his house and the church where he would pray. Navarro from pro, was always a great fan of the soccer team in his community: Osasuna.

He could well spend three days in a jungle interviewing a very high command of the FARC, who As soon as he set foot in Spain, he was interested in what his club had done. He never hid his colors, which he wore with pride. His love of football and sports, in general, allowed him to have more relaxed talks with people who, in the blink of an eye, could end his life.

Although his professional work was never close to sports, beyond his hobby, he did have time to show his affection for Osasuna at a very difficult time for the Navarrese team. In january 2017When the team was in a very difficult situation (that year they ended up descending), Beriain wrote in the official magazine. That report was titled “A stubborn Navarrese”, which might as well have been the header of an autobiographical text beyond your own football.

It was a troubled season for Osasuna. Three coaches in a year and only four wins on the season, that didn’t get the fans off the bandwagon. In the text that Beriain wrote, he explained why he was from this team and what he felt.

He wrote it on day 20, when there were still 17 to complete the descent, and from that text, he highlighted a specific part, which he titled “Remember”.

“These are calculator days. Of looking up and not even reaching to see that line that separates salvation from hell. Days in which your soul is shattered by pulling rules of three – so many points we have, so many games played , so many are missing- and realize that, although one is a zote in mathematics, enough to know that they paint coarse. They are those screwed-up days when you look to the future with the only desire to see something of the glorious past..

And perhaps it is there, dear compadres of the red feeling, where our hope is and, God willing, salvation. In the past, in the memory of what Osasuna has been and is, in its heritage, in its values, in its legacy. In that those who embody these colors today on and off the field find in history and identity the necessary strength to fight to the end. That they remember.

Maybe in this modern football of nomadic players, There is someone who still does not know what we are talking about! We remind you:

Here neither does God give up. Here the only pride and the only possible forgiveness is to leave everything on the field. Until the last minute of the last game. Here he is made to understand on the contrary that Sadar will not come to play … They will come to suffer. Here we honor our past. “

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